Ethical Alternatives

If you ended up on this page you are likely someone like us that is committed to a sustainable, renewable environment that supports the health of humans and animals alike.

Below are just a few ways you can make a switch to Ethical Alternatives:

Omit Pesticide Use – seek non-toxic alternatives
Recycle and Reuse
Choose Non-GMO Foods
Non-Toxic, Non GMO Cleaning Products
Non-Toxic, Non GMO Beauty Products
Volunteer to support local animal rescues or wildlife
Assist with local river and beach clean-up programs
Adopt a vegan lifestyle
Adopt don’t shop
Donate to animal welfare organizations
Omit plastic bags, straws, bottles, etc.
Advocate – lobby for change
Do not support circuses, zoos or animal abuse in any way shape or form
Native gardening to support your local wildlife and ecosystem

The list goes on and on – we will be updating shortly as we are just getting started.
Of course, feel free to send us any and all suggestions, we together will make a difference!