Ocean Wildlife Conservation:

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Animal Welfare Organizations

Anonymous for the Voiceless
CompassionWorks International
Animal Defenders International
Circus Protest
Humane PAC
The American Society for the Protection of Animals
The Humane Society
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Mercy for Animals
Friends of Animals
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Animal Sanctuaries

Farm Sanctuary
Big Cat Rescue
Chenoa Manor
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary 

GMOs and Pesticides

Beyond Pesticides
The Non-GMO Project
Food and Water Watch
Center for Food Safety


Challenge 22 – Free Vegan Mentor !
Anonymous for the Voiceless
Earthling Ed 
Choose Veg
Vegan Action
Peace Advocacy Network 
Mercy for Animals
Joey Carbstrong

Wildlife Rehabbers by State (U.S.A.)

Click Here to Locate a Wildlife Rehabber in Your State
Tri State Bird Rescue  – Oil spills, advice and injuries.  Songbirds and Birds of Prey
Fox Wood Fox Rescue  – Fox Experts

Animal Rescues and Rehab

Finding Shelter – PA based animal rescue and resource
Sher’s Wish List at Amazon

Get Involved – Volunteer and Activism
Choose from any of the organizations listed above.

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
– Mahatma Gandhi