Say No to GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are plants (for use by humans or animals) that have been modified at the molecular level. Genes are altered to enhance or lessen certain traits. The initial purpose of GMOs was to grow disease-resistant crops and plants that produce more fruit than normal, or don’t go bad as quickly after harvest. In health circles, the food forms of GMOs are often referred to as “frankenfoods,” which may cause harm to people, animals and the environment. In addition, genetically modified fish and meat, as well as their impact on the environment, are growing health concerns.


Although the long-term effects on humans are still unknown, the FDA has approved numerous GMO plants. However, many individuals don’t want to put genetically altered food in or on their bodies! If you want to avoid them as well, then watch out because some manufacturers are using GMOs in their products and not telling you. For example, modified canola is used to make high levels of lauric acid, an ingredient found in many detergents and soaps. Keep in mind that a lot of plant-based ingredients are used in natural skincare products.

Some common ingredients that may indicate a presence of GMOs include: soybean oil, corn oil, corn flour, proteins from yeast and lecithin. Avoid them if you can.

To prevent GMOs from getting under your skin there are a few things you can do: know your store, read your labels and do some research. Countries around the world are banning GMOs, yet the US continues to produce over 60 percent of GMO crops and foods.

We should have the right to choose real, not scientifically manipulated foods and ingredients, which may have irreparable consequences. Boycotting GMOs will also help save the rapidly diminishing bee population which is necessary for a healthy planet.

Healthy, natural, unmodified sources are key to preserving your health and our precious ecosystem.