Animal Testing

Are Your Personal Care Products Cruelty Free?

The personal care products that are sold in stores to make you look and feel prettier have an ugly secret. Cosmetics, skin care, hair care and other beauty products are often tested on defenseless animals who are made to suffer tremendously just to make perfume or shampoo. While there has been progress banning cosmetic testing in the EU and other countries, many companies continue the horrendous practice of torturing innocent animals for this entirely frivolous purpose.

In cosmetic testing, animals are intentionally given chemical burns, have chemicals forced into their eyes and bodies, and are subjected to other forms of torture to test the toxicity of the products. How many of us would knowingly support a company that was doing such horrific things to other living beings?

Humane alternatives exist, but some companies are resistant to change and refuse to invest in developing less barbaric testing practices. If companies in certain countries are capable of producing humane cosmetics, then surely there is no excuse for the continued use of animal tests.

Bunnies Animal Testing

It is time to end this disgusting practice, and you can help. You won’t see L’Oreal advertising their treatment of animals on TV. It’s up to us, as consumers, to hold the companies we support accountable.

  • Until recently, the Chinese market (one of the largest cosmetic industries in the world) mandated animal testing on all cosmetics. While this is an important first step, many Chinese companies (and the Chinese government) continue to test products on animals.
  • Animal testing continues to be practiced in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil an elsewhere.
  • Animal testing is banned in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, India, Norway and Israel, and the EU, India

Just because a product is made in the U.S, don’t assume that it is cruelty free!
Make sure to do your research and/or ask the cosmetic companies you support the following questions:

  • Does the company sell products in China?
  • Is the company Certified Cruelty Free?  And by which certifying agent?
  • Does the company not test the FINISHED product on animals but possibly the ingredients they source?
  • Does the company make vegan products vs. include milk/dairy derivatives, honey, etc. in their items?
  • Does the company support animal welfare in any way?
  • Does the company use sustainable ingredients that do not affect animals natural habitats?
  • Is the companies mission aligned with animal welfare?

Visit Leaping Bunny’s and PETA’s website. While you may be pleased to find the company you support is listed -that is no guarantee. There have been reports of companies that later sold to China so get to know your company, their standards and/or support small local ethical companies. Do your homework or don’t support them.

By choosing to buy from a small, cruelty-free cosmetic company, you are not only supporting animals, but you are supporting a small business that is aligned with your ideals. Shop from cruelty-free, fair trade companies.

To learn more about how you can help shape a better world, visit our Ways to Help and Resource pages.