Sher’s Nurture Nature Now project is committed to supporting animal welfare via education.
As an animal rights advocate, wildlife rehab volunteer, environmental advocate, and devoted vegan, I wanted to create a resource for people to learn and share and contribute to.  Have suggestions? Never hesitate to reach out.

Humanity faces an unprecedented crisis in the form of climate change, pollution, and ecosystem loss. We believe that at it’s heart, the cause of this crisis is largely an attitude. It is an attitude which treats the natural world and all it’s inhabitants as resources to be exploited for human consumption.

This attitude is not only driving climate change and global pollution. It results in the horrible mistreatment of countless conscious, feeling creatures behind the closed doors of factory farms. It leads to massive overfishing and the collapse of fish stocks around the world. And it leads to the horrible mistreatment and abandonment of animals like dogs and cats, which we consider our property as pets.

We believe we need to shift to a more compassionate, less exploitative, and less abusive relationship with the natural world. We are committed to spreading information and inspiration about conservation, animal rights, and rehabilitation programs.

We also believe that this consciousness shift is not only for the good of others. We, too, are part of the environment. And we too suffer from exploitative, extractivist mindset.

It’s time, as a culture, that we move beyond this destructive phase, which has seen the beginning of the greatest species die off since the dinosaurs. Around the world, calls for compassionate treatment of animals and respect for the environment are growing. It is easier than ever to embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle, and to live happily, healthfully, and compassionately.

We hope that you will join us in trying to make the world a little bit better, for all of us. Please explore the resources on this website, and see our Ways to Help for more information.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

 Mahatma Gandhi