Ways to Help

Everyone Can Contribute!

When it comes to pitching in for the planet and the creatures we share it with, there’s a whole lot of work to be done! Whatever your situation and talents, there are positive steps you can take to help make the world a little bit better. We all have something to contribute! It can be as simple as making lifestyle choices  that reflect our values, or supporting organizations that are working to make change on a larger scale. We all have a duty to protect our one and only home.

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Be a Responsible Consumer

The best place to start is usually in your own home. Sadly, we live in a society which often puts profits and convenience over people and the planet. Many of us grow up doing things which we might feel are wrong, but which we’ve never lived without. It’s easy to think that the way things are is the way things have to be. Making the commitment cut out products and behaviors which are hurting the planet is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your state of mind! We can’t all be perfect all the time, but life isn’t about all-or-nothing propositions. Do what you can to reduce your contribution to unnecessary suffering and environmental degradation, because it’s always better to do something than to do nothing. Below are some additional ways to help.

Become an Example for Others

It’s easy, when confronted with the kinds of challenges we now face, to give up before we even begin. Many people will agree that we face serious problems, but feel that they will never be resolved, and so there is no point in trying. If we’re being honest with ourselves, this is just a justification for taking the easy way out.

It is absolutely true that by changing your buying habits or by adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle, you will not be able to solve the crises we face. But life is never about all-or-nothing commitments! Perhaps the most powerful benefit of living a lifestyle in line with your values is to serve as a role model for others. We humans are social creatures, and the more we see others around us living the sorts of lives we would like to live, the easier it becomes to make those commitments ourselves.

Over the centuries, we have seen a gradual broadening of the moral sphere. Whether it has been in the battles against sexism, homophobia, racism, or any other struggle for change and justice, we’ve seen tremendous shifts in social norms. And there is always a brave group of groundbreaking activists and forward-thinking individuals at the fore. Change happens when the fringe becomes the everyday, and it’s already started!

Support Reputable Organizations that Advocate for Change

  • Consider donating funds or goods to your local sanctuaries. See our Resources page for a list of wonderful organizations that rely on support from people just like you!
  • Volunteer your time! We all have different strengths and abilities. Whatever your skill set, there are dedicate organizations out there that need volunteers. Whether you work full time, are enjoying retirement, or whatever your situation is, there’s a group out there that could use you!
  • Participate in local events supporting animal welfare. Not only is this a great way to work for change, it’s a great way to recharge your own batteries and meet like-minded people!
  • Educate at local schools, and events.
  • Raise money through fundraisers.
  • Promote “Adopt Don’t Shop” — save an animal from caged living. More than anything else, this is a battle against ignorance. Educate your friends and family about the horrors of the animal breeding industry.
  • Switch to a vegan lifestyle.  Visit challenge22.com for a free mentor!
  • Ban GMOs. At the very least we can demand labeling!
  • Eliminate pesticide use and support the organic movement.
  • Eliminate all plastic from your purchases and personal use.
  • Contribute to local ocean and river cleanups.
  • Lobby for change! Contact your legislatures and gather petitions against traveling circuses and zoos.

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Thank you for caring!

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  =  Mahatma Gandhi