Plant Energetics – Essential Oils as Alternatives

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Essential oils are the naturally occurring oils derived from plants. These magical essences play an important role in the plant kingdom offering protection from disease, sunlight, harsh weather while ALSO acting as chemical “messengers”, as these potent volatile oils actually fly off and alert other plants (and even wildlife) of threats, diseases, climate changes and more! Hence, the name “essential”. But much like they support the environment, they also support human life via numerous properties. They offer support of skin, body, mind and spirit – overall health. And even better – they offer a man-made chemical-free alternative to harsh household cleaning products and beauty products, and are biodegradable. Nature, as nature intended.


Essential Oils can be obtained by steam distillation, cold pressing (expression), or CO2 extraction methods and have the characteristic aroma of the portion of the plant from which they were derived. True, unadulterated 100% pure oils are “neat”, meaning they have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives. Because they are naturally occurring, the particular species of plant harvested and distilled for its essential oil during one time frame in one region may produce a fragrance that differs from the same species grown in a different region, or in the same region at a different time. Also, because essential oils are pure, undiluted naturals, people can experience allergies to essential oils if they are sensitive to the plants from which they are derived. So consult an aromatherapist or perform a patch test in advance of using them.

Aromatherapy has many uses: topical, emotional & diagnostic & for product promotion and sales.


Aromatherapy: We use aromatherapy in the mall to pump the smell of aunt annie’s, cinnabun and cookies to remind us of a memory from our childhood.

Products: Aromatherapy is utilized in candles, skin, hair and body care to create a connection.

Often what we “like” the aroma of is something that is good for you, as it is balancing for your particular constitution.

Do NOT apply all essential oils directly to the skin. There are a very small handful of exceptions to this rule including lavender and tea tree which can be applied “neat” to the skin. Dilutions are highly recommended in a carrier oil, or water (and shaken).

You can use these oils aromatically in a diffuser or otherwise. (Recommended)

Some essential oils are toxic to cats, and some to dogs. Use caution! They may  stain clothing and furniture, so wear protective clothing and cover your working area and consider wearing protective gear while handling essential oils.

Remember that essential oils are very concentrated and should not be applied directly to the skin. If you wear gloves while handling essential oils you lessen the chance of spilling undiluted essential oils directly onto your hands. Even if it doesn’t hurt at the moment it could hurt later. A good example is that peppermint essential oil spilled directly onto your hands might not hurt at the moment but later when you touch your eye you surely will feel it! Yowza!

Remember that essential oils can enter the body through inhalation. Some essential oils can cause euphoria, sleepiness or can be extremely stimulating. In a closed space with poor circulation the essential oils can become overwhelming.

Aromatherapy Benefits

  • Calming
  • Stimulating
  • Uplifting-
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Death/healing
  • PMS
  • Stress

 Aromatherapy for Emotions- diffuse, sniff, apply to skin pure.

  • Bergamot– refreshing, uplifting assists with anxiety and stress
  • Chamomile- calms nerves, promotes sleep and relaxation
  • Clary Sage- calming, eases nerves
  • Eucalyptus- helps with concentration and stress reduction
  • Grapefruit- Uplifting, helps with stress and anxiety
  • Lavender- promotes restful sleep, eases emotions and nerves
  • Lemon- uplifting, stimulating and cleansing (detoxifying)
  • Lemongrass- pick me up, cleansing
  • Litsea Cuba- cleansing, calming, refreshing
  • Sweet orange- calms anger and anxiety, uplifting
  • Peppermint- stimulating, refreshing, reduces nervousness, fatigue and headache
  • Rose- promotes calm, peace, and sleep. Helps with sadness and stress/grief. Healing
  • Rosemary- uplifting and helps the memory to overcome exhaustion.
  • Tea trea- calms nerves and anxiety, kills fungus, bacteria
  • Patchouli- aphrodisiac, stimulating, sensual, detoxifying.

Essential Oils Topical Therapeutic properties

  • Inflammation reduction-  licorice, calendula, arnica
  • Cell regeneration/Anti aging-  patchouli, palmorosa, lavender, rosewood, rose geranium, rosewood, carrot seed, rose otto, frankincense, chamomile
  • Scar reduction/pigment-  helichrysum, lemon, rose
  • Dry skin –  lavender, rose
  • Oily skin –  Bergamot BF, grapefruit, rosemary, yuzu, chamomile
  • Cough – eucalyptus
  • Fungus – tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Neem etc
  • Rashes- chamomile, lavender
  • Headaches- nausea – peppermint, rosemary, lavender
  • Bug bites- tea tree, lavender
  • Bruises-pain – calendula, arnica, helichrysum italicum

While there are too many to mention, the list doesn’t end here! Essential oils are a great alternative to toxic cleaning products as well, and very easy to make!


Why essential oils?

Plants and flowers in nature, produce natural oils that protect from harsh elements, kill bacteria & mold, and offer cellular regeneration properties. Their small molecule is compatible with our skin structure. Our cells readily absorb their nutrients and regenerate, renew and repair.

Quality: Much of what you smell in products today is fragrance oil or adulterated oils.

High dilutions of oils in synthetic bases. They still “attract” the consumer but there is no way to “know” if you are smelling pure/therapeutic grade unless you are very familiar..

Natural isn’t always “good”. Is poison ivy?   Keep this in mind when working with oils, as sensitivity can and may arise.

For aromatherapy purposes, you cannot cause much harm but you can “over” stimulate or become sleepy. Less is more initially. For consults, questions, aromatherapy skin care products feel free to email